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Soul Battles Mp3 Download

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Soul Battles Mp3 Download

Soul Battles

Mp3 Downloadable Audio with Betsy Kylstra

Are you in a place where you feel like you’re making progress in your spiritual walk, but still finding yourself feeling trapped, frustrated, angry, ect? It is surprising how we carry childhood battles into our adult life. When we don't get what we want as little children, for example our father's love, we keep setting up similar situations as adults as we continue to fight the "unwinnable" battle. In this message that comes straight from Betsy's heart you will learn how to surrender God's way and stop the war.

As Betsy explains, a soul battle is an experience, often from childhood, that our souls picks up and fights long after we have “lost.” We can carry the battles into adulthood as we continue to fight it when it isn’t ours to fight.

Betsy gives definition to the idea of soul battles, biblical illustration, personal testimony, and real life examples, as well as explaining how to minister to soul battles with the four key areas in Restoring the Foundations Ministry. She shares the genuine struggles of the soul that many of us face and how we may overcome them

Chester continues to add onto Betsy’s teaching by fleshing out the generational sins that pre-dispose people to engage in a soul battle and emphasizing how soul battles interact with our core beliefs and hurts.

This teaching is part of the Essential Teachings that is available as Mp3 Download 


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